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Acme-Hardesty and Green Biologics, Inc. Announce Distribution Agreement

Acme-Hardesty and Green Biologics, Inc. have signed a two year distribution agreement to market and sell renewable n-butanol and acetone to the US market. These renewable, bio-based materials are an extension of Acme-Hardesty’s product line of products based on renewable palm and castor feedstock. Customers are increasingly looking for alternative formulation ingredients that move away […]

Acme-Hardesty Achieves Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) Certification via Mass Balance

Blue Bell, PA. (February 24, 2015) – Acme-Hardesty, Co., a division of Jacob Stern & Sons, Inc. — and one of the largest distributors of RSPO-certified palm products, castor oils and derivatives, and preservatives — today announced that it has achieved RSPO Mass Balance Supply Chain Certification, guaranteeing that all Acme-Hardesty U.S.-based facilities have met […]

The Bio-Based PEGS are Here!

PEGS are another group of products with an incredibly long list of uses and applications from industrial uses to food and pharma, and everything in between. “PEG” is for PolyEthylene Glycol, and is always followed by a number which notes the average molecular weight. Acme-Hardesty is pleased to announce that we can now provide you with PEG 200, PEG 300, PEG 400 and PEG 600, initially in industrial grades only.

Living Up To Our Green Heritage

As a longtime and trusted marketer of primarily vegetable-based products, Acme-Hardesty is always searching for new products that are derived from renewable, sustainable and natural sources for our customers just like our palm-based fatty acids, and our bulk castor oil and castor derivatives. As we all know, virtually every market is seeking green, more earth-friendly alternatives. In everything from personal care products and cosmetics to lubricants and greases, these attributes are important.

New Product Update – The Biomix Blends – An All Natural Preservative Line

Acme-Hardesty is pleased to offer a new, all-natural line of preservatives from Sharon Laboratories, who has been a leading manufacturer of preservatives for over 30 years. The Biomix Blends are citrus based, have broad spectrum efficacy, good solubility in water and commonly used solvents, and perform well in a wide pH range.

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